Our Story

Julie and Monique became friends in 2002 after their children arranged a meetup at a local mall. During their first encounter, they realized they shared a strong connection and started a beautiful friendship.

After learning about the ketogenic lifestyle from a coworker, Monique introduced Julie to it, and they both began following the diet. They quickly saw improvements in their health and energy levels and decided to make it a permanent lifestyle change.

However, they struggled to find satisfying sweets that were compatible with their new diet, so they began creating their own using natural, gluten-free, and low-carb ingredients. They perfected their recipes and shared their treats with friends and family, who were amazed at how delicious and healthy they were.

Eventually, they decided to share their cookies with the keto community by launching Naturally Keto-licious, which quickly gained popularity and positive reviews. They received feedback from people with various dietary restrictions, including those on a gluten-free, or low-carb, or Keto (no sugar) diet, diabetics, as well as parents of autistic children, who appreciated the health benefits of the cookies without compromising on taste.

Buoyed by their success, Monique and Julie have expanded their offerings to include Naturally Delicious cookies (a variety of White Chocolate and Protein/Collagen cookies), which have all the same benefits as their Naturally Keto-licious line and are delicious for everyone to enjoy. Both varieties of cookies will be found on their website, www.naturallydeliciousfoods.com. Follow us on Instagram @Naturallyketolicious for reviews, testimonials, giveaways, upcoming events, discounts and more!

Julie and Monique are thrilled to share their cookies and hope that everyone who tries them enjoys not only the taste, but also the health benefits!

A portion of all sales are donated to local non-profit organizations to help families in need in their community.

  • "10 out of 10"

    These cookies are SO delicious and guilt free! I give them a 10 out of 10 and highly recommend!


  • "cookies are heaven"

    I just got them in the mail, not one, not two, but THREE boxes! When I tell you these cookies are heaven– I mean it!



    These cookies are AMAZING. I love the Key Lime Pie! They’re the softest, most AMAZING cookies I’ve ever had in my life. And I love cookies!



    These cookies are so frickin’ DELICIOUS! I don’t think I’ve ever had a cookie better than these, EVER! 


  • "They are the softest"

    These cookies are my favorite! They are the softest, most AMAZING cookies I have ever tried. 


  • "DELISH"

    These cookies are DELISH! They freeze really well and they are so soft, not dry, not flaky–just really good!